About Us

About Us
Thriftway and Shop n Bag is an advertising group of 29 Supermarkets owned and operated by 21 independent retailers or retail groups. The Independent Thriftway and Shop n Bag Retailers use a common weekly circular and marketing campaign to promote our businesses.
The Independent Thriftway Retailers and the Independent Shop n Bag Retailers merged in 1995 to form our current advertising group structure. In 2000 we decided to form our own marketing company and created Retail Marketing Group L.L.C. That began operations in January 2001.
The central theme of the Thriftway and Shop n Bag advertising and marketing campaign is Serving Our Neighbors One at a Time. The Thriftway and Shop n Bag Retailers are committed to serve and support our communities to make them better places to live and work. Our stores are truly part of the communities that we serve and our loyal customers are truly our neighbors. We will strive to continue to provide our neighbors with the fresh, quality products and the service that they have always come to expect.
We are truly grateful to our loyal consumers who continue to support our family owned businesses.

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