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There are many differences between trusted and fake Poker Indoqq agent website on the internet. However, at least both of them uses adifferent protocol.

Difference Trusted and Fake Poker Indoqq Agent Web

There are many fake websites on the internet. They are madefor several purposes. One of them is made to make money illegally. It is like fake Poker Indoqqagent website that is made to deceive online gamblers. As one of the biggest online gambling game providers, Poker Indoqq and its agents always attract more online gamblers to join. Besides, they also attract unresponsible people to make fake Poker Indoqq website or Poker Indoqq agent website. Then, what is thedifference between trusted and fake Poker Indoqq agent web?

Trusted and Fake poker indoqq Agent Web

Trusted Poker Indoqq agent means the agent has registered to Poker Indoqq as an official agent. Therefore, for those who join the website, they will play original game from Poker Indoqq. When the players win the game, they will surely get a certain amount of money as the prize. There are also some bonuses offered by the agent. Usually, trusted agents will use HTTPS and SSL protocols on their website to secure the data or profile of the players or members. The server is always maintained too to protect the site from any cyber attacks. HTTPS protocols are also usually used by official bank websites. This is because the protocol is more secure.

Otherwise, the fake Poker Indoqq agent will not use those protocols. As they make the site by the purpose to deceive people, they will make several temporal websites. They may use free websites like Blogspot or WordPress. Therefore, the difference between the trusted and fake Poker Indoqq agents can be seen from the protocol of the site. The protocol can be seen from the website’s URL. Just to make sure, fake Poker Indoqq agents will never pay the payment or prize for the winner.

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